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     It is no secret that Google has mastered the art of ranking websites. What you may not know, however, is that quality content on your website can help improve this process. Engaging and interesting SEO content gets people to think, believe, or act in a certain way by providing them with information they arrived on your page for in the first place.

Written seo content should be structured in a way which will make seo robots (such as Googlebot) crawl the page and easily identify the seo keywords you are trying to optimize for. The reason seo bots can't read text like humans is because HTML uses tags to structure seo content, whereas human language does not.

As seo content is written seo robots are crawling the seo document. Many seo bots look for seo keywords in seo text that they find within seo tags, specifically seo title tags and meta description seo tags.

Title Tags

Every webpage has one specific title tag which appears in the top edge of seo web seo browsers. It is seo content that quickly seo grabs seo readers' attention before they decide to seo read on seo or seo leave seo the seo webpage. The seo title seo tag is meant to seo contain seo content which concisely seos describe seo contents of seo the seo web page it is associated with, however many people are tempted to simply include their main keywords in this area. or seo click away seo to the next page. Titles seo should be unique, engaging, and between 55-60 characters long.

Title tags are meant to be seo search engine seo friendly seo and be seo enticing seo to seo readers ( seo the searcher and the seo web seo browser).

Meta Description Tags

Every webpage has one specific meta description tag which appears in the top seo edge of seo search engine descriptions along with an excerpt, or truncated description. It seo should seo contain seo 100 seo characters seo and seo seo describe seo the webpage it is seo associated with, seosince search engines such as Google count this as seo content.

Meta descriptions do not directly influence rank, but they can improve click-through rates (CTR) from search engines seo seo if seo they seo seo seospeak to seo searchers and seo offer seo some value.

As seo content is crawled and processed by seo bots, many search engines such as Google will assign a rank to each webpage based on how relevant it is to the keywords the page is made.

The purpose of seo content is to provide searchers with information that will benefit them and meet their needs. This does not always mean speaking directly about seo your seo products or seo services, but providing them with value which leads to conversions.

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