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 Are you looking for a way to earn some extra cash?

Do you need more money?

Have you ever wanted to be paid just for doing what you normally do anyway, like watching videos or using apps on your phone?

If so, then this article might just be exactly what you're looking for.

I know there are all kinds of apps out there that pay you to do these things, but most of them are shams. They take forever to give you any money, or worse - they never actually pay up!

The good news is that there's a new service called Viggle (VGGL)  that does what it promises to do. Not only that, but it's also free to use, and what's more, you get paid just seconds after completing tasks!

Viggle is an app for your iPhone or Android device that lets you earn real money by doing simple things like watching ads. It might sound too good to be true, but I've been using it for months now and have earned over $150 in cold, hard cash.

Most rewards come in the form of gift cards that you can spend on Amazon or iTunes, but even better - sometimes there are bonus reward points available and when this happens, they pay out straight to your PayPal account instead!

Now what I really like about this service is how quickly you earn money. Most of the ads only take a few seconds to complete, and then you're rewarded with gift cards or points all within minutes! It really is that easy.


Of course, there are some disclaimers that come along with this kind of service - for example, your location might prevent you from using it. If you don't have an iPhone or Android device, you won't be able to download the app.

But here's a really cool thing...

If you have a Windows Phone with version 8 or higher, you can still use Viggle  because they offer a web-based service at! I haven't used this yet because my phone doesn't have Windows Phone 8, but I will definitely try it out sometime soon.

My Experience

From my own experience with the app though, I can say that this is one of the best ways I know to earn cash online without spending anything at all. And for those who are looking to earn some extra money on the side or just need more money in general, then this is definitely something worth trying out.

To get started, all you need to do is download the app from Google Play or iTunes and then start earning!

The best part? There's no risk because it has a 100% free trial period of 7 days, so if you don't like it for any reason - or even if your phone doesn't support it for some reason - you can just cancel.

But once you get going, I guarantee that you will never go back to your old ways of trying to earn money online again! [A couple sentences on the service itself and some more information on how it works is a good idea here]

That's all there is to it. Once you download the app and sign up, you can start earning money almost right away!

The more active you are with your device (playing games on it, watching videos, etc.), the better. Just keep using it like you normally would and the rewards will come rolling in before you know it!

Redeem Points

You'll be able to redeem these points for gift cards to places like Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, GameStop, Best Buy and more. And best of all - they are all 100% free!

Viggle  is my absolute favorite way of earning money online right now because it's so easy to use. You can earn cash just by watching ads or using your phone normally, and then redeem your points for gift cards or cash.

Right now Viggle  has a promotion going on where you get 10 points for every dollar spent at Target, so if you shop there a lot, this is a great time to earn some extra money!

If you don't have an iPhone or Android device, I would recommend you get either one just to use Viggle  and earn money for doing something you already do. It's that easy!

My Opinion

All in all this is one of the best services I have used in a long time, and it makes me so happy when I find a service like this because it gives us an alternative way to make some extra cash.

I hope this article was helpful, if you have any questions about the service you can leave them in the comments below and I will answer them for you!

If you'd like to try Viggle  for yourself, just click here . If that link doesn't work then just search for " viggle " in your App Store or Google Play and you will find it.

There is no obligation to continue using the service after your 7 day trial, so if you don't like it - just cancel!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this article! I write all of my articles myself, and try to make them as informative as possible. This one took me about an hour to write. Please leave any feedback or contact me if there is anything you'd like to see me cover!

Sincerely,   -  Babar Ali Khan

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