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Create NEWS Website

News websites are a great source for earning money online. There are many different ways to earn from them, and here I will talk about them in more detail.

Ways to Earn

The first way to make money with news websites is by using the Adsense program which you can directly set up there. This has two advantages: firstly their adsense account is much easier to set up compared to other websites, and secondly their adsense account has less competition than usual, so it's worth trying.

Secondly you can also advertise your own content using the website . This is an optimum way of earning money if you have already created some good articles on your own blog or website which you want to publish on the news website. This has a couple of advantages: firstly you can earn money without writing an own article, and secondly the articles take much less time to write than usual, because you just have to copy them from your own blog or website and paste them into the news website.

Creating a new blog and posting content on it is also a good way to earn money. This is an optimum method if you have your own blog, because it doesn't require any additional time, but the only disadvantage is that this is a much slower way of earning compared to copying blog posts.

The last option of using news websites to earn money with them comes naturally from their large amount of visitors. This option is offering your services to people there. For example you can offer writing specific articles or even just editing them, or taking care of the local forums, etc. With this method you can earn money with each article that's published on these websites, but it requires more time than just copying and pasting blog posts, so be prepared for that.


These were the ways how to make money with news websites. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages, but in total they work very well for creating a passive income that you can rely on each month. It's worth giving them a try!

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