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Simply a Revolution in the crypto industry

Earn points surfing websites & faucet claims and turn them into real cash weekly.

Three Simple Steps To Your First USD

Whether via Faucet, PTC, or Referrals


Your Points will be exchanged for USD weekly


Withdraw your USD to different providers


Point2Ads is a real-earning website that can be used to make money online. You and every person can make money online by using a Mobile, Tablet, and also your PC.

How to Earn

If you want to work on this website and make money then you have the following three options which you can earn money;

1. By Faucet

The first option is to use the faucet method. In the Faucet method, you have to simply click on the faucet option which is available at sidebar of website. By clicking on faucet option you have to fill the captcha and that's it. You can earn 50 Points by every faucet click and the points will be automatically added to your wallet as soon as you complete the task given.

2. By Watching ADs

The other easiest way and also the second way to earn money from this website is the ADs option. Basically by using this option, you have to watch some ADs or you can say you will be redirected to the advertised website. You have to wait until the timer ends. You have to wait up to 15 Seconds and boom you are now good to go. Your task is completed and you have to close the AD Tab and come back to the parent website from where you were redirected. For every successful AD watch, you can earn 50 points and the points will be automatically added to your wallet as soon as you complete the task given.

3. By Referrals

The third and the easiest way to earn money from this website is the referral system. In the referral system, you have just to invite friends to this site and when they join through your referral link you will receive a bonus and the referred person also receive the same bonus. If you want to earn with the referral system then you have just to sign up your account on this website and share your referral link on each and every platform. You can share it in various WhatsApp groups, FB Groups, and anywhere where you think you can get the most referrals. If you are a YouTuber then you can make a lot of referrals through your video promotion.


All the details related to this website are shared with you in the above discussion. If you want to make money online then this might be the best website that can help you out in making money online.

My Opinion

My final opinion is that this is a free website and you can take benefit of it. You have very easy ways that can be used to earn money online without investing a single penny. So go and check this out.

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